Price: 1,236.45 - 583.23

  • APP control, easy to operate
  • All-alloy structure, beautiful and durable
  • Z axis can be added and used with axis rotation
  • Added chain, no need to worry about cable when engraving.
  • The maximum engraving an area to achieve is 100*100cm
  • Aluminum material, acrylic produced
  • It can adjust laser power by software
  • 100*100 ultra large engraving area, gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation.
  • Three stepper motor drive providing faster moving speed.
  • Engraving power and long term available.
  • Can print any pictures easily.
  • The software can directly import pictures, enter text, support simple dxf file
  • Machine Model: Cloud L10
  • Minimum Machine Size: 1220*1275*222mm
  • Laser Z Plate Adjustment Range: 135mm
  • XY Maximum Stroke: 1000mm*1000mm.
  • Minimum Package Weight 10 Kg
  • Body Material: All-metal Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Operation Mode: Mobile Phone/computer
  • Power Supply Size: 100-220V 24V 5A

App Interface, Support Chinese And English, Can Follow The Phone System Language:

  • Laser: 80W
  • Optical power output: 9.5W~11W
  • Current: 3.8A
  • Laser tube: 2xLD+FAC+C-Lens
  • Laser wavelength: 445nm±5nm
  • Beam shape: Dot ( Fixed Focus )
  • Can be connected to the air pump: Yes
  • Operating voltage: DC 12V
  • Focus: 0.08*0.08
  • PWM/TTL input: 0-5V
  • Input interface: XH2.54-3Pin (+, -, PWM/TTL)
  • TTL output power: > 1K HZ output power = continuous power x 40%
  • Working frequency: <30KHz
  • Laser class: Class IV
  • Safe temperature range:15℃~40℃
  • Life time: 15000~20000 hours
  • Antistatic: Up to 25kV static electricity can be eliminated
  • Shell: Frosted material, good heat dissipation
  • Magnetic blower protective shell:constitutes an air duct, has good heat dissipation, and protects eyes and lasers

Engraving Parameters Of Different Materials (For Reference Only)

Laser Module: 80W

  • Plywood 2mm cut: 500mm/min, S1000, 1 Pass
  • Plywood 3mm cut: 450mm/min, S1000, 1 Pass
  • Plywood 4mm cut: 400mm/min, S1000, 1 Pass
  • Plywood 5mm cut: 240mm/min, S1000, 1 Pass
  • MDF board 3mm cut: 180mm/min, S1000, 1 Pass
  • MDF board 3mm cut: 120mm/min, S1000, 2 Pass
  • Black acrylic plate 3mm: 120mm/min , S1000 , 1Pass
  • Black acrylic plate 5mm: 120mm/min , S1000 , 2Pass


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