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Professional sketch sets
Set of pencil refill of various specifications

4H 2H H HB 2B 2B 2B 4B 4B 4B 6B 6B 6B 8B 8B10B12B 14B

Rich color gradation black, white and gray
It can be used to outline the line draft of the picture in the early stage, and the middle can be used for coloring the black and white picture and it can be used to adjust the details of the picture later, etc.

Professional sketch charcoal pen
Selected bold charcoal pens, black and thick, with the difference between soft, medium and hard You can start with the painting with a softer charcoal, because it is easy to erase, lt can be corrected repeatedly
without damaging the drawing paper. Use a harder charcoal to modify the details.

Rubbing paper, smudge brush strokes
The Rubbing paper pen can be used as a brush,
Smear at the junction of light and dark to enrich the three-dimensional effect of the work

Are eraser + painting eraser
Art Eraser: moderate hardness and good adhesion Painting Eraser: Wipe gently without leaving a trace

Art eraser
Moderate softness and hardness, excellent adhesion, can be pinched at will,
so that the transition of the modified part of the work is even.

Painting eraser
Wipe gently without leaving any traces, gather scraps into strips,
Easy to clean and not dirty paper, sketching lead, color lead, and charcoal can be used.

Telescopic utility knife
Easy to carry, high safety, blade can be replaced; the blade is sharp,
easy to cut, and easily cut out the desired nib

Metal sharpener X2
Light weight, high hardness, strong and durable, high-strength blades, sharp blades, and labor-saving.

Suitable for a variety of pen ahapes

Pencil extender
Smooth and comfortable, small pen tip savior, so that every pen can be fully used.

Iron box packaging, easy to carry
This set of daily practice/going out sketching/gifting is enough Get it all

Appreciation of excellent paintings
This set of daily practice/going out sketching/gifting is enough Get it all


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