Price: 21.15

Boer 7-Ply Cassia Siamea Table Tennis Blade Ping Pong Paddle Base High Speed ​​Ping Pong Blade For Quick Attack Offensive Players

2 Types:

FL/Long Handle / Horizontal Grip / Shakehand Grip Type

CS/Short Handle / Straight Grip / Penhold Type

Ply: 5 pure wood + 2 soft carbon

Thickness: about 6.2mm+/-0.2mm (average, please kindly previl)


Long handle is about 90+/-5g (average, please kind be previl).

Short handle is about 80+/-5g (average, please kind be previl).


1 x Cassia Siamea Table Tennis Blade


1. This price is only for one piece.

2. Photos and data are only for reference, please kind prevail.


This blade is ideal for players that attack from close to mid-distance from the table.

A perfect balance of speed and control with the bonus of a large sweet spot, decreasing errors.

Cassia Siamea Wood is harder than traditional wood, allowing for more clear flick play.

This is the perfect blade for players that use a combination of control and accuracy to win points.


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