Price: 9.63

Dreanique 1pc TCT Straight Milling Cutter Woodworking Carving CNC Trimming Slot 3 Flutes Cutting Router Bit Plywood End Mill


(1) Brand: DREANIQUE

(2) Type: Three Flutes TCT Straight Milling Cutter

(3) Made of: High-quality Micro Grain Tungsten Steel Solid Carbide;

(4) Shank Diameter: 3.175mm 4mm, 6mm and so on

Best Suitable Materials: Compression , MDF

could also suitable on below materials:

(1) Plywood;

(2) MDF, particle board, board with lagging, log;

(3) Chipboard, composite board, melamine board;

(4) Solid wood, native wood, plywood, lotus plate;

Applied to:

CNC Router Machining Center, Woodworking Machine, Advertising CNC Router, etc;


(1) The tool is made of tungsten steel with good strength, high hardness, sharpness and not easy to break, long service life;

(2) Seven-in-one multi-function, cutting, engraving, drilling, bottom cleaning, slotting, trimming, etc;

(3) Its unique design, three-edged cutter head, fast chip removal, smooth cutting, fast chip evacuation in transverse groove;

(4) Cutting sharpness, no burr edge;

(5) High precision grinded and polished, high abrasion resistance and temperature resistance, good rigidity;

(6) high performance, improve work efficiency, reduce cost;

(7) The TCT used in the construction of this cutting straight router bit ensures that it’s durable and will last for a long time.

The milling cutter adopts a straight groove design to improve milling efficiency and speed, effectively reduce cutting pressure, and has a chip breaking groove that makes it easy to clean up debris and residue produced during processing. This design can reduce hooking or warping, thus ensuring product stability and accuracy.


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