Price: 8.20

Activities are good for large orders:

1. All orders exceed 200 US dollars for free transportation

2. Uniform discount of 10%

Product description


Name: Milling cutter for wood

Uses: slotting, cutting, carving, etc.

Brand Name: HUHAO

Shank diameter: 1/2 Shank

Material: tungsten steel


Applicable materials density board, medium fiber board, plywood, particle board, wood core board, multilayer board and other materials

Applicable equipment: hanging machine, carving machine, bakelite, CNC, etc.

Safety instructions:

1. The bladed product is not for use by people under 18 years old.

2. The item is only used for industrial cutting/engraving, not hazardous article.

3. Feeding speed: 18-20 meters/minute

4. Spindle speed: 21000RPM

Package include:

1 Pcs * router bits for wood

1. Tungsten steel blade

Cutting sharp, no burr, long service life

2. Intelligent cutting material, six functions in one
Cutting circle, slotting, hole, bottom clearing, cutting material, carving

3. Special cross-edge design
Each edge with a cross-edge, reduces wood chips, reduces friction and heat, faster chip removal, smoother cutting and
longer service life

4. Intelligent positioning ring
Can be accurately positioned, fast replacement of milling cutter


1. We will arrange the shipment the next day after we receive your payment and notify you of the express bill number.

2. The package will reach you in about 16-35 days. If you don’t receive it within 60 days, we will refund the full amount or resend it.

Specific arrival time

15-20 dayscan achieve Russia, Ukraine, Korea proper delivery.

20-25 days can achieve Spain, Belarus proper delivery.

30 days to achieve the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Sweden, Ireland, Malta , Luxembourg, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Moldova Sri Lanka, Moldova.

30-40 days for Chile


Q: How long will it take for me to receive my package?

A: Arrival at destination in about 16-35 days.

Q: How can I track the information of outgoing packages?

A: You can track it by this link:

Q:Is your price include the custom tax?

A: No, buyer need to pay the custom tax depends on different counties.

Q: How can I avoid the extra custom fee?

A: Check with the local DHL/TNT/UPS that how much invoice value is free custom fee. Then tell us and we can write lower price on the invoice.

Q: If I don’t want the item, can I return them?

A: For the goods may demaged when long time delivery, we don’t accept return goods unless we sent the wrong goods or there is quality problem with the products.

Q: How can I make a large order with little lower price?

A: If you need a large order, you can make an unpaid order. Then try to contact us to discuss the details.


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