Price: 2.46


Natural logs: delicate surface texture, light weight, hand polished, smooth and round

Winding at the end: unique winding design, retaining the rustic feel and increasing friction of the handle

Surface lacquer: The surface lacquer is a natural substance, environmentally friendly and healthy, which can prevent deformation and cracking of the wood, and it can also moisturize the wood and extend the service life.

(Remarks): Woodware cannot be sterilized at high temperature, steamed or boiled in boiling water, soaked in hot water for a long time, microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet is not allowed.



Net weight: 33g

Size:Chopsticks: 23.5*1.5 (cm);Spoon: 22.5*4 (cm);Fork: 22.5*3 (cm)

Material: Wooden

Package Included:

1 spoon


1 pair of chopsticks


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