Phenolic Paper

Phenolic Paper
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Phenolic paper is a special Kraft paper impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin with the addition of pigments, dyes and various technological additives.

The resin content in the product is 63-67%, depending on the density.


Phenolic paper is produced with a density of 120-300 g/m2, according to the weight of the impregnated Kraft paper (40-100 g/m2).


Approximate parameters of pressing:

•130°C – 6-7 min

•140°C – 4-5 min

•150°C – 180-150 sec

•160°C – 90-70 sec

•170°C – 45-50 sec

•Pressure 13-20 kg/сm2


The laminated surface of phenolic paper prevents penetration of moisture, has high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, formation of а fungus and mold, interaction with concrete; it is easily cleaned.


Products are offered in various colors.

Primary colors: brown, black, white and others.

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