Melamine Laminated MDF

Melamine Laminated MDF

Today we will talk about the topic Melamine MDF We ensure that each component of your bespoke kitchen fulfills the most elevated guideline, however, that doesn't mean we generally utilize the most costly material conceivable. On account of bureau insides, we feel that Melamine Faced MDF is the best material. Here are the beginning and end that you need to think about MFC.

What is MFC?

MFC represents Melamine Faced MDF. MDF is a designed wood item produced using woodchips and tar. Melamine MDF is a thermosetting plastic that is applied to paper (the paper can be printed with an example to make it look like wood). These Melamine MDF 'faces' are then stuck to the chipboard to make the completed item.

What characteristics of MFC settle on it an extraordinary decision for bureau insides?

MFC is impervious to water. It will not change shape if it gets wet. It is likewise a profoundly scratch-safe material. Weighty pots and containers can be put away on MFC racks without harming your bureau insides. At last, MFC can be cleaned effectively by cleaning down the surface with sanitizer – ideal for a sterile kitchen.

What's the distinction between MFC and Melamine MDF?

Melamine MDF is an alternate sort of designed wood item – Medium Density Fibreboard. Melamine MDF is denser than MFC. We like to utilize MFC because Melamine MDF has some very genuine disadvantages. Lower evaluations of Melamine MDF tend to grow and twist whenever permitted to get wet consistently and screwing into the side of Melamine MDF can make it split.

Why not lumber all through?

We utilize excellent lumber in numerous zones of our hand constructed kitchens – so why not in cupboard insides also? The straightforward answer is that we are not out to scam you. MFC is a less expensive item that is similar if not more reasonable for the reason. Lumber will stain and scratch more effectively than MFC.

Where do we source our MFC?

Our MFC has fabricated to an exclusive requirement by European-designed wood experts EGGER. The Melamine MDF looking on these EGGER boards is 2mm thick – the business standard is simply 0.4mm.

How supportable is MFC?

The trees that are chipped to make EGGER MFC come from two sources. Around 70% comes from supportable woodlands ensured by the Forest Stewardship Council. The leftover 30% comes from reused great waste wood

Melamine Laminated MDF
Melamine Laminated MDF


Melamine Laminated MDF
Melamine Laminated MDF