Melamine Paper Sheets

Texture melamine paper

Melamine Paper Sheets
Melamine Paper Sheets

Melamine Paper Sheets
Melamine Paper Sheets

Texture melamine paper

So what is Texture melamine paper?

Texture Melamine is made of ultra-thin paper with pressure. Melamine resin paper incorporates onto the board to create a textured quality or 3D effect, providing seamless integration of pattern and color.

Why choose Texture melamine paper?

Some woodworkers scoff at the use of melamine in home cabinets and other home products because they argue it’s low quality. However, like any other wooden product, it is of low quality and high-quality versions. High-quality melamine with a thicker texture compared to low quality will of course last longer.

Let's take a look at the benefits of this amazing product:

  1. Wide options

Textured melamine opens a lot of great options for your cabinets by giving a three-dimensional texture. It can replicate the tones of wood, bamboo, and other textures.

  1. Durability

Texture Melamine paper has superior resistance to moisture, heat, or excessive stains, without color loss.

  1. Uniform termination

Unlike solid wood which can vary in grain patterns and color, the outfit is a woven pattern. As such, many people prefer Texture melamine paper to solid finishes where the grain does not appear.

  1. Low cost

Compared to other wood products, Texture melamine paper is offered at a much lower price.

At Melamine Board, We offer Texture melamine paper complex from Different Materials. They have 3 kits available: Normal Melamine, Embossed Melamine, and High Glossy Melamine. We have Green-gold Certified which means you are getting an environmentally friendly and sustainable product to use in your final products.

Melamine Board

Texture Wood Grain Patterns and matched Texture Grain are the perfect complement to your designs. Whether you're creating a contemporary rustic feel or a more modern style, you'll appreciate the affordable and durable alternative to wood. Texture melamine paper only uses 100% recycled, reclaimed materials, or primary GRN + non-formaldehyde additives.

Melamine Board Collections

This group provides architects and designers with opportunities to take interior design to the next level. Improved textures combined with realistic and modern styles provide the perfect solution for today's needs and lifestyles.

The latest look in cabinet design is here - patterned Texture melamine paper cabinets! Now available through National Wood Products in China - Middle East, Dubai, India, Egypt as Melamine wood Texture with unique designs. It matches the look and feel of today's spaces.

All collections are Green-gold certified, so you get an environmentally friendly and sustainable product to use in your final products.

Are you ready to switch to Texture melamine paper?