Melamine MDF Melamine Faced MDF is created by separating woodfibres from hardwood or softwood residuals. Melamine boards are denser than plywood and stronger than chipboard, making them excellent for restorations and furniture production. Melamine faced boards have a laminated layer on their surface that gives them a beautiful finish, making them excellent for applications that need a pleasing appearance. 1830mm x 2440mm (6' x 8') and 1220mm x 2440mm (4' x 8') panels are available. MDF is available in the following thicknesses: 2.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 25mm. (Other thicknesses can be obtained upon request) MUF (E1, E2), UF (E0, E1, E2, F4****, CARB-P2), and additional grades are available upon request. Melamine MDF board has a decorative laminated thickness of 16mm, 18mm, and 25mm. MDF boards Size 1220×2440mm / 1220x2745 mm / 1830x2440 mm or (4'*8') as request Thickness 3mm-25mm Moisture 650~780 (kg/m3) Core panel MDF,Particle board,Blockboard,Plywood available Color  matt,embossed, glossy, leather,wave,oak,walnut,flower,saw,solid wood etc.. Surface synchronize Main product MDF or Particle board /chipboard or Plywood or Blockboard or High Glossy Lamination or MDF slatwall or Display Shop display cabinets etc Formaldehyde  Emission Standards E1 or E0 available   Application kitchen cabinets, wardrobe door, shoes cabinet, TV cabinet, funiture boards MOQ 1*20GP container Free Sample Available at any time Packaging Details 480 pcs-1220*2440*18mm without pallet packing in 20GP 400 pcs-1220*2440*18mm with pallet packing in 20GP  Lead Time Delivery time about 20 days. Edge banding  PVC/Acrylic/ABS Edge Banding produced in our own factory, and colors will be 99% similar with the board

Melamine MDF

Melamine MDF

Today we will talk about the topic Melamine MDF The wood materials that go into the development of wood storeroom coordinators are not all made equivalent. There are various evaluations and kinds of wood that shift in strength, solidness, and cost. This article gives a concise outline of the absolute most regular woods utilized in storage room association frameworks.


Molecule board is the most economical sort of wood utilized in wardrobe coordinators. Molecule board is a designed wood otherwise called Fiberboard. It is made by joining pitch with scrap wood, wood chips, and even saw dust. Particleboard is a less expensive option in contrast to strong wood, and if untreated tends to break down in soggy or moist conditions.

To fix this issue, producers regularly cover the surface with a plastic overlay like Melamine MDF, which is stuck to the surface. On the off chance that a cover material isn’t utilized, the surface is frequently painted. Storeroom coordinators made out of molecule board are frequently accessible as DIY packs on the web and at many home improvement stores.

Medium Density Fiberboard (Melamine MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard frequently alluded to as Melamine MDF, is another normally utilized kind of designed wood. It is heavier and denser than Particleboard, yet has comparable qualities because of its segments of scrap wood and gum.

Producers broadly use Melamine MDF is as a development material for wardrobe coordinators, since it is abundant and modest. An overlay material, for example, Melamine MDF is regularly fastened to the surface for strength and solidness and has the additional benefit of arriving in a wide range of shadings. Storage room coordinating frameworks made of Melamine MDF are accessible from most home improvement stores and online retailers.


Melamine MDF storeroom frameworks are made of particleboard or Melamine MDF materials, overlaid with Melamine MDF material that resembles the tone and grain of Melamineboard. sawdust

Compressed wood

Another designed wood utilized in storage room coordinators is compressed. It is made by sticking together various slim layers of wood on top of one another with the grain going in exchanging bearings, which makes it into extremely solid and stable sheets of wood.

Compressed wood is made of a better enlivening evaluation in which a slight layer of the Melamineboard overlay is stuck to the outside of the wood. Wardrobe coordinator items made with Plywood are not as normal as those made of particleboard and Melamine MDF and can cost half 80% more than those made with Particleboard or Melamine MDF. A couple of custom wardrobe makers and online retailers offer items made with pressed wood.

Strong Wood

Melamineboard is strong wood. No piece wood, pastes, or covers, simply genuine strong wood. Regular sorts of wood utilized in storeroom coordinators are oak, pine, birch, and maple. Strong wood is steady, solid, endure longer, and is more wonderful than designed wood. Strong wood is more costly nonetheless, because of reaping, drying, and choice of pieces that don’t have abandons.

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