Price: 5.88 - 4.72

About size

Our size is width x height, the unit is cm. For example, 300x200cm means 300cm wide and 200cm high.


▶ Suitable for newborn children baby shower birthday party decorations, personal portrait product and family group photo. Can also be used for studio, booths, parties, and for weddings & business/commercial use, video recording.

Customize accepted:

▶ Our company accept customization according to your request! Just contact us with your picture and the size of it.


▶ All backdrop will send by folded. Here are the ways of removing the creases.
★ 1. Roll it up tightly with a cylinder, and waiting for 3-4 days.
★ 2. Heat it with a steam iron on the back of the item, then it will be smooth again. If necessary, please iron the back surface with steam iron but not dry iron.


▶ Vinyl material is the best material for printing, because the color is the most bright and vivid. This material is light, slight diaphanous, which is suitable for indoor use. It is not washable.


▶ It is very soft with good quality. It can be washed also can be used outdoors, and can be used repeatedly.

Flocking Material:

Thicker, softer, better
Can be washed and ironed, no crease
Any folding, easy to carry
Economical price, better quality!
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor photography;
Can be used and stored for a long time.

Round background

The round background is made of polyester.
The diameter does not include the outer edge

About color

Please note that there are many different display resolutions between all computers, so the color shown on screen may have chromatic aberration. We will try our best to avoid this situation, thanks for your understanding..


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