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Wide Belt Sanding Machine is suitable for calibrating and fine sanding laminate lumber,composite board,particle board,solid wood, panel furniture,floor etc.

Model   BSG2313R-R-P
width of sanded panel   40-1300mm
thickness sanded panel   2.5-140mm
speed of abrasive belt on 1st unit   19m/s
speed of abrasive belt on 2st unit   19m/s
speed of abrasive belt on 3st unit   13m/s
feed speed   13-100m/min
size of abrasive belt   1330x2620mm
Diameter of 1st rubber roller Φ240mm
Diameter of 2nd rubber roller Φ320mm
total motor power   108.5kw
Motor power of 1st unit 37kw
Motor power of 2nd unit 30kw
Motor power of 3rd unit 30kw
Feeding motor power 11kw
Lifting motor power 0.25Kw
Brush motor power 0.25Kw
speed required for cleaning equipment   25-30m/s
compressed air volume   ≥15000m³/h
overall dimensions 3540x2700x2210mm
N.W   10000kg

1 Wide Belt Sanding machine adopt world-advanced experience, a special machine-type designed meticulously

2 Suitable for sanding various kinds of panels for factories that specialized in manufacturing woodworking panel.

3 It is simple in design, convenient in operation and maintenance safety and reliable, with extra-low fault rate

4Sanding speed is high, with high efficiency and accuracy. Feed power adopts frequency converter. Feed speed is digital display and it can be adjusted according to different demands

5 More safety devices are designed, safety and reliable, while you operate the machine, it can assure safety for operator and the machine, and it can save working manpower

6 Three groups of sanding units can perform calibrating and polishing processes at one time. The first and second units are rubber rollers, the third one is sanding pad. The roller can be changed according to customer requirements.  Sanded panel thickness is uniform and the surface is flat and smooth

7 Carefully chosen world-advanced electric appliance elements, normal working state can be assured effectively