It is suitable for fine sanding veneer surface wood board, plywood, MDF board

SU130R-RP The front roller is steel rollers; the second one is 85 shore rubber roller with sanding pad for fine polishing.

SU130R-R The front roller is 50 shore rubber rollers; the second one is 30 shore rubber roller for fine polishing.

Wood materials, woodworking machinery Tech.

Melamine paper, melamine MDF, melamine Blockboard, Melamine Plywood, Melamine Board

Woodworking silding table saw machine, woodworking edge banding machine, woodworking hydraulic hot pressure machine, woodworking cold press machine, woodworking plywood hot pressure machine

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Woodworking sanding machine

Model SU130R-RP
Working width 40-1300mm
Working thickness 3-120mm
Working length >550 mm
Speed of abrasive belt on 1st unit 20m/s
Speed of abrasive belt on 2nd unit 18m/s
Feed speed 4-45m/min
Size of abrasive belt 1330*2200mm
Diameter of 1st sanding roller Φ300mm
Diameter of 2nd sanding roller Φ240mm
Power of abrasive belt on 1st unit 30kw  Steel
Power of abrasive belt on 2nd unit 22kw  85shore rubber
Conveyer motor power 4kw
Lifting motor power 0.75kw
Brush motor power 0.37kw
Air blower power 0.04kw*2
Air pressure 0.55Mpa
Compressed air consumption 0.2m³/min
Volume of dust collector >18000m³/h
Voltage 380V 50Hz, 3Phase
Overall dimension 2400*2500*2300mm
Weight 5200Kg

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm