Profile wrapping machine has steel machine body, high precise drive of worm wheel and stable transmission of work piece.

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Profile wrapping machine

Model PW300C
Max. wrapping width 300mm
Wrapping speed 0-25m/min
Total Power 5.5Kw
Overall dimensions 4700×750×2100mm
Weight 1200kg

Profile wrapping machine developed for the glueing and application of rolled material onto profiles composed of mdf, particleboard, low-quality wood, etc., using a slot nozzle for hot melt glue.

Molding and profile wrapping machine meant to apply a priming layer over existing solvent and attach PVC, paper, or coiled sheathing. Utilizes a laminating head with PUR adhesives for the subsequent application of the sheathing to previously treated aluminium mouldings to be installed on-site at a temperature of around 20oC.

Wrapping machine developed for the bonding of paper foil or pvc using a laminating head with hot melt glue and its application to particleboard, MDF, etc. profiles (optionally pvc and/or aluminium).

Wrapping machine developed for the lamination of paper or pvc using hot melt glue and its application to profiles produced from particleboard, mdf, etc. (optionally pvc and/or aluminium). aluminium).

Profile wrapping machine

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm