UV dryer machine widely used to dry UV print. The drying time is fast which shortened the whole finishing processing time greatly

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Model No. Model UVD1300 UVD1300A
Valid dry width 600mm 1300mm
Working Thickness 2-90mm 2-90mm
Feeding speed Frequency alternator Frequency alternator
Feeding power 0.75kw 1.5kw
VU lamp power 5.5kw*3 11kw*3
Fan power 1.1kw*3 1.1kw*3
Total motor power 21kw 38.25kw
Overall dimensions 2240*1670*1560mm 2300*2400*1500mm
Weight 1200kg 1700kg


UV DRYER MACHINE – UVD1300 is the proper spraying machine for small-batch work that requires precision. Control of the spraying area is managed by an electronic system. A paper protection system is located on the centre conveyor in the spraying area. The machine may also be outfitted with a lacquer supply system that includes a tank on the arm for spraying tiny quantities.

Inside the pressurised cabin, a double spraying arm is mounted on a high-precision linear guide, enhancing the cabin’s quality.

Full-sized doors provide access to the cabin from both sides, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

EASE: A paper conveyor that rolls and unrolls itself automatically is included into the system. This facilitates a seamless transition between applications.

WORK PLANNING: A colour touch-screen panel is connected with our simple and easy software, which allows for the setting of working settings, the storage of recallable recipes, diagnostics, and periodic maintenance programming.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm