The American cherry is a popular fruit that is grown in many parts of the United States. The fruit is a dark red color and has a sweet taste. The American cherry is often used in pies and other desserts.

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Size:    8*4’, 7’*4’, 6’*4’, 7’*3’, 6’*3’, customized Grade B:    Slight discolor, small crack, No hole, No fibre Thickness:    0.15-1.0mm Grade A:    No discolor, No fibre, No hole, No splits Grade C:    Medium discolor, Slight pin, bean hole, Light fibre Grade D:    Discolor, splits, egg size holes no more than 3

The American-Cherry is a variety of cherry that is native to North America. The fruit is small and round, with a bright red color. The flesh is sweet and juicy, with a characteristic tart flavor. The American-Cherry is an important food source for many animals, including birds, squirrels, and bears. The tree grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained soils. It is relatively resistant to pests and diseases.

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