The CNC DRILLING MACHINE CDM7021D Channa is a top quality machine that is perfect for any shop. This machine has a wide variety of features that makes it one of the best on the market. The first thing you’ll notice is the large working envelope. This allows you to drill larger pieces with ease. The next thing you’ll appreciate is the high speed spindle. This gives you the ability to drill faster and more accurately. You’ll also love the easy-to-use control panel. This makes it simple to operate the machine and get great results every time.

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A CNC drilling machine is a machine that uses computer numerical control to drill holes in various materials. These machines are often used in manufacturing and production settings, as they can create precise and consistent results. The CDM7021D Channa is a type of CNC drilling machine that is popular for its versatility and user-friendly design. This machine can be used for a variety of drilling applications, and it features a number of helpful features such as an automatic feed system and an adjustable depth stop.

Model CDM7021D Channa
Working table size 1220*2440mm
Working Area(X、Y、Z axis) 1320mm×2540mm×200mm
Machine Body The bed lathe is made of thick square weld steel
Worktable Vacuum worktable
Main Spindle motor 6kw*2 Air-cooling Spindle
Driving motor 1.1kw*3 servo Motor
Drilling unit 5+4 vertical drilling tools
Vacuum pump motor 7.5kw Water cooled
Frequency motor 7.5kw
Vacuum pumping quantity 230m3/h
Main Spindle rotary speed 24000rpm/mm
Max. Speed 1m/min—75m/min(empty working)
Max. Cutting Speed 20m/min
Control System TAIWAN SYNTEC Control System
Command code G Code
Guide way 30# Taiwan linear rail for X、Y、Z axis
Transmission Helical gear rack for X Y axis
Working precision ±0.05mm
Feature Vacuum worktable can do quick work pieces feed in and feed out.
Dimension 3200*2000*1800mm
Voltage 380V,50HZ

What Does CNC Drilling Entail?

CNC drilling is a machining technique that employs a revolving cutting tool to create round holes in a stationary workpiece. Typically, the holes are designed to accept machine screws or bolts for assembling reasons. Depending on the component’s design, however, they may also serve aesthetic reasons.

How Does CNC Drilling Function? CNC DRILLING MACHINE

Many of the other CNC machining processes have similarities with the CNC drilling process. These consist of: Using CAD software to create the component design. Creating a digital design of the CNC drilled component in CAD software is the first stage in its production. The process of translating the design into machine instructions. Once the component design has been finished, it must be translated into a CNC-understandable language. This process often involves generating machine code from the CAD design using CAM software. Instructions are loaded into the CNC machine. When placed into the CNC machine, the machine code governs the movement and operation of the CNC machine and tools during the drilling process. Configuring the CNC machine. Installing the proper drill bit and fastening the workpiece are typical components of the CNC machine’s setup procedure. Performing the drilling procedure. Once the machine code has been loaded and the machine has been set up, the operator may begin drilling. Assessing the constituent. After the drilling process is complete, the operator inspects the component for any flaws or defects. The benefits of CNC Drilling

Compared to conventional drilling methods, CNC drilling devices provide several benefits, including:

CNC DRILLING MACHINE  Improved accuracy. Drilling machines with CNC technology are able to create holes that are precise to the original design file within very narrow tolerances. Broader versatility. CNC drilling equipment may be used for a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. In addition, they may be used to create a variety of holes since they can handle numerous drill bits. Improved repeatability CNC drilling machines are less prone to mistake since they are computer-controlled. Consequently, producers may obtain a high level of uniformity within and between batches.

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