Gabon Okoume Plywood

Gabon Okoume Plywood is one of the most popular types of plywood on the market. It is made from Okoume, a type of mahogany that grows in Africa. Gabon Okoume Plywood is known for its high quality and durability. It is often used in construction and marine applications.


Gabon Okoume Plywood

Specifications:    1220mmx2440mm;915mmx2135mm;or Customize Materials:    OKOUME Face,back and core Glue:    E1, E2 and E0

Gabon Okoume plywood is a high-quality, marine-grade plywood that is perfect for a variety of applications. This plywood is made from Okoume, a African hardwood that is known for its strength and durability. Gabon Okoume plywood is often used in the construction of boats and other watercraft, as well as in furniture and cabinetry. This plywood has a beautiful natural color and grain pattern that makes it popular for use in decorative applications.


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