Natural Gurjan


Natural Gurjan is an Indian hardwood that is prized for its high quality and durability. It is often used in the construction of furniture, flooring, and other wooden products. Natural Gurjan is a beautiful wood with a deep, rich color that makes it a popular choice for many homeowners. Its strength and hardness make it ideal for use in high traffic areas such as floors and stairs.

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Natural Gurjan

Size:    8*4’, 7’*4’, 6’*4’, 7’*3’, 6’*3’, customized Grade B:    Slight discolor, small crack, No hole, No fibre Thickness:    0.15-1.0mm Grade A:    No discolor, No fibre, No hole, No splits Grade C:    Medium discolor, Slight pin, bean hole, Light fibre Grade D:    Discolor, splits, egg size holes no more than 3

Gurjan is a natural wood that is popular for its beautiful grain and durability. It is often used in furniture and cabinetry, as well as in flooring and paneling. Gurjan is also a popular choice for carving and other decorative applications. The wood is typically a golden or reddish brown, with a fine, even grain. Gurjan is very strong and hard, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or areas where furniture will see a lot of use. Gurjan is also resistant to rot and insect damage, making it a good choice for outdoor furniture or for any application where the wood will be exposed to the elements.

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