Okoume Plywood


Okoume plywood is a type of hardwood plywood made from African okoume wood. It is often used for marine applications because it is very water resistant and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Okoume plywood is also often used in the construction of aircraft, as well as in the furniture and cabinetry industries.

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Okoume Plywood

Face and Back:    Okoume Veneer Grade:    BB/CC CC/CC Glue:    E1 E2 and Melamine Size:   1220x2440mm or customizable Core:    Poplar, Combic, Hardwood Thickness:   3.6mm to 24mm

Okoume plywood is a type of plywood that is made from Okoume wood. This type of plywood is typically used for construction purposes, as it is very strong and durable. Okoume plywood is also often used for making furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects. The wood itself is very light in color, which gives it a unique look.

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