The Planer and Sander Machine is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is perfect for those who are looking to save time and money on their projects. The machine can be used to plane and sand wood, as well as other materials. With its powerful motor, the Planer and Sander Machine can tackle even the most difficult projects.



Planer and sander machine is mainly used for solid wood board, panel, finger joined panel, door, flooring etc, with advanced technology, high precision, reasonable structure and easy operation

A planer and sander machine is a powerful tool that can help you achieve a smooth, even finish on your woodworking projects. This type of machine uses a rotating sanding disk to level out irregularities on the surface of your workpiece, and then an abrasive planing blade to remove any remaining material.Planers and sanders are available in both handheld and benchtop models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re working with large pieces of wood, or if you need to achieve a very precise finish, a benchtop model will likely be your best option. Handheld planers are more convenient for smaller projects, and they’re also less expensive.No matter which type of planer and sander you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to get the best results. First, make sure the surface of your workpiece is clean and free of debris before starting. Second, don’t apply too much pressure when using the machine – let the blades do the work. And finally, be sure to use proper safety equipment, such as eye protection and gloves, when operating either type of machine.

Width of sanded panel 40-1300mm 40-1300mm 40-1000mm
Thickness of sanded panel 3-120mm 3-120mm 3-120mm
Speed of planing roller 30m/s 30m/s 30m/s
Speed of abrasive belt on 2nd unit 18m/s 18m/s 18m/s
Speed of abrasive belt on 3rd unit 12m/s —— 12m/s
Feeding speed 6-30m/min 6-30m/min 6-30m/min
Size of abrasive belt 1330×2500mm 1330×2500mm 1330×2500mm
Diameter of planer Φ180mm Φ180mm Φ180mm
Roller diameter Φ270mm Φ270mm Φ270mm
Power of planing roller 22kw 22kw 18.5kw
Power of abrasive belt on 2nd unit 22kw 22kw 18.5kw
Power of abrasive belt on 3rd unit 15kw 11kw
Conveyor motor power 4Kw 4Kw 4Kw
Lifting motor power 0.25Kw 0.25Kw 0.25Kw
Brush motor power 0.37Kw 0.37Kw 0.37Kw
Working pressure 0.55MPa 0.55MPa 0.55MPa
Compressed air consumption 0.2m3/h 0.2m3/h 0.2m3/h
Pressure relief device required >13000m3/h >13000m3/h >13000m3/h
Speed required for cleaning equipment 25-30m/s 25-30m/s 25-30m/s
Dimensions 2500×2260×2180mm 2500×1850×2180mm 2500×1960×2180mm
N.W. 4000kg 3500kg 3500kg

planer and sander machine Characteristic  1With super large helical cutter can work stable 2 Cut off a big quantity with lower noisy and fine surface 3 With anti-tick device to protect operator 4 Wooden dusts is cleaned by the brusher 5 Machine will not start when air pressure is not enough. 6 Adopt pressure shoes to avoid damaging the head of panel during sanding.