The UV dryer machine – UVD1300 is a high quality and efficient CNC spraying machine that can be used for a variety of applications. It is perfect for those who need to quickly and easily dry their products, as it uses ultraviolet light to speed up the drying process. Additionally, the UV dryer machine – UVD1300 is very easy to operate and comes with a user-friendly interface.

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A UV dryer machine is a type of CNC spraying machine that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure products. UV dryers are often used in the printing and coating industries to speed up the drying or curing process of inks, coatings, and adhesives. UV dryers work by exposing the product to UV light, which causes a chemical reaction that accelerates the drying or curing process. UV dryers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the application. Some UV dryers feature conveyor belts to move the product through the machine, while others have hand-held wands that can be used to target specific areas. Some UV dryers also come with built-in fans and filters to remove airborne contaminants. UV dryers are typically more expensive than other types of CNC spraying machines, but they offer a number of advantages, including faster drying or curing times, improved product quality, and reduced energy consumption.

Model No. Model UVD1300 UVD1300A
Valid dry width 600mm 1300mm
Working Thickness 2-90mm 2-90mm
Feeding speed Frequency alternator Frequency alternator
Feeding power 0.75kw 1.5kw
VU lamp power 5.5kw*3 11kw*3
Fan power 1.1kw*3 1.1kw*3
Total motor power 21kw 38.25kw
Overall dimensions 2240*1670*1560mm 2300*2400*1500mm
Weight 1200kg 1700kg

UV DRYER MACHINE – UVD1300 is the proper spraying machine for small-batch work that requires precision. Control of the spraying area is managed by an electronic system. A paper protection system is located on the centre conveyor in the spraying area. The machine may also be outfitted with a lacquer supply system that includes a tank on the arm for spraying tiny quantities. Inside the pressurised cabin, a double spraying arm is mounted on a high-precision linear guide, enhancing the cabin’s quality. Full-sized doors provide access to the cabin from both sides, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. EASE: A paper conveyor that rolls and unrolls itself automatically is included into the system. This facilitates a seamless transition between applications. WORK PLANNING: A colour touch-screen panel is connected with our simple and easy software, which allows for the setting of working settings, the storage of recallable recipes, diagnostics, and periodic maintenance programming.

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