A vertical veneer slicer is a type of machine used to slice thin sheets of wood veneer. It is typically used in the production of plywood and other wood products. The machine consists of a large cutting table, on which the veneer is placed, and a series of blades mounted on a rotating arm. The arm is raised and lowered as it spins, slicing through the veneer to create thin, even sheets.Vertical veneer slicers are very efficient and can produce large quantities of veneer in a short period of time. They are also relatively safe to operate, as the blades are enclosed within the arms and cannot come into contact with the operator. However, care must still be taken when using these machines, as they can be dangerous if not used properly.




A vertical veneer slicer is a specialized cutting tool that is used to slice thin sheets of veneer from larger pieces of lumber. This type of slicer is often used by cabinetmakers and other woodworkers who need to create precise, evenly-sliced veneers for their projects.The vertical veneer slicer consists of a large circular blade that is mounted on a vertically-oriented stand. The woodworker feeds the lumber into the slicer, and the blade quickly and cleanly slices through the wood, creating thin sheets of veneer.One of the benefits of using a vertical veneer slicer is that it can produce very consistent results. When slicing by hand, it can be difficult to get evenly-thick sheets of veneer, but a vertical slicer will ensure that each slice is exactly the same thickness.Another benefit of using a vertical veneer slicer is that it can save time and effort when compared to slicing veneers by hand. A good quality slicer will make quick work of even large pieces of lumber, meaning that less time will be spent cutting each individual sheet.If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily create thin sheets of veneer for your next project, then consider investing in a vertical veneer slicer. This type of slicer can save you time and effort while still producing consistent, high-quality results.

Model BB1326T BB1332T
Max cutting size 2400*600*500mm 2900*600*500mm
Blade size 2600*200*19mm 3200*200*19mm
Veneer thickness 0.4-5mm 0.4-5mm
Slicing speed 15-40pcs/min 15-40pcs/min
Clamping method Hydraulic Hydraulic
Total power 49.3Kw 51.3Kw
Main motor 30kw 37Kw
Blade feeding motor 7.5kw servo motor 7.5kw servo motor
Hydraulic pump motor 5.5kw 5.5kw
Heat circulation pump motor 0.75kw 0.75kw
Feeding motor 0.55kw 0.55kw
Overall size 7000*4000*4000mm 7000*5000*4000mm
Weight 23 T 26T

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm